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  • Large Campuses or premises extensions

  • Wireless LAN/MAN Network

  • Any-Point to multi point connectivity

  • Point to Multipoint Connectivity

  • Point to Point Connectivity
Today Enterprises are experiencing a rising tide of network traffic that is overwhelming the typical connections. With enterprises standardizing on Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network speeds, the paltry 2-megabit connections between most buildings are heavily restricting throughput to over come we have wireless. wireless solutions provide full-duplex wireless connectivity at variable distances from less than 1 mile to as far as 40 miles away. They are ideal alternatives to multiple E1/T1s or fiber-optic cables and can be used to extend or provide redundancy to existing fiber networks. Because they are wireless and license-free, WANs eliminate wire/fiber installation costs and recurring monthly fees - delivering carrier-class performance quickly, at a fraction of the cost of wired connections.This technology is offering businesses including telecom service providers, governments and enterprises effective, economic and secure high-speed wireless communications solutions. Wireless specializes in high-speed Internet access, VoIP, data network extension, and wireless data and telephony backhaul, utilizing its high quality products and industry-leading technologies.We provide complete turnkey solution based on Wi-Fi, Wi-Max products. Our solutions provide specialized range of products that allows seamless integration for an end to end wireless network.

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Wireless Network Solutions

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